Malin Infinity Arrow Necklace – Silver

$17.97 $29.99
Size: 18"
Color: Silver
Metal type: alloy

The Malin arrow is a Swedish symbol that blends the infinity symbol with an arrow. It signifies the idea that setbacks are an important component of personal growth in our lives. The expression traditionally accompanying the Malin arrow is: “YOU HAVE TO FACE SETBACKS TO MOVE FORWARD.” The arrow symbolizes a woman’s courageous spirit and ability to persevere in pursuit of her goals no matter what curveballs life throws at her. The woman wearing this necklace exemplifies the meaning of determination. We all have that woman in our lives—whether she is a close friend or someone to whom we’ve dedicated our lives to—who, despite constantly getting the short end of the stick in life, possesses that inextinguishable spark of life that drives her each day to fulfill her life’s goal and mission. She’ll never let any experience, no matter how painful, stall her pursuit of her ultimate dreams. She has learned to view life’s hardships as stepping-stones to greatness rather than attacks on her spirit. This is the woman we have in mind in bringing you this necklace. Let the special woman in your life know that you see and admire her great courage in the battle of life everyday!

  • This gorgeous Malin Arrow Infinity Pendant makes a strong statement and is a must have necklace for any strong woman.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - Strong necklace if breaking occurs within three years we offer free replacement.
  • Chain Length:457mm (18"), Pendant dimensions: 25mm x 42mm
  • Message Card - You Have to Face Setbacks In Able To Go Forward
  • This is the perfect gift for that special woman in your life who has experienced many hardships in her life but has used them as a springboard toward personal growth. Instead of dwelling on the pain in her life, the woman wearing this necklace is somebody who sees it as fuel for pushing forward in her life’s mission. She knows the value of hard work and dedication to the pursuit of her goals and will let nothing get in the way of her progress!