Trailblazer Compass Nautical Necklace - Gold/Silver

$17.97 $29.99
Size: 18"
Color: Silver
Metal type: alloy

A trailblazer, as the name implies, is a woman who sets her path on fire with her motivation. She’s bold, tense, and fierce in her drive to go after what she wants in life. She’s not afraid to go against the grain by setting her own path, regardless of what other people think of her endeavors. She doesn’t follow established trends. Instead, she creates her own! A trailblazer is a woman who takes charge of her own destiny and doesn’t look back. She has an undying determination to get where she’s going, and no person or obstacle in her path can stop her. This nordic compass charm was made for this type of woman—an innovator, a creator, an inventor, a torchbearer! When that special woman in your life wears this necklace, she will let the world know that she has an ever burning passion to get where she’s going in life and that she will do everything in her power to get there. By wearing this necklace she will reveal an undying work ethic backed by a solid moral compass. When people see that special woman in your life wearing this necklace, they’ll know she’s a trailblazer. If that special woman, BFF, friend, daughter, or teen in your life fits this description, then you HAVE TO buy this necklace for her!

  • Silver and Gold Nautical Compass necklace jewelry with black border
  • Strong necklace if breaking occurs within three years we offer free replacement. Nickel free and hypoallergenic.
  • Chain Length:457mm (18"), Pendant dimensions: 25mm x 25mm
  • Packing: Nice Message Card - Trailblazer - Let Your Moral Compass Guide Your Journey
  • Honor your special woman who knows where she’s going in life and how she will get there. This is the perfect gift for your friend, BFF, girlfriend, or wife who possesses a strong work ethic and is not afraid to create her own path to success. She doesn’t care about what others think about the course she’s laid out. The woman wearing this nautical compass necklace is the ultimate trendsetter, and she’s unwilling to compromise on her moral standards.