Squirrel Necklace - Charming Squirrel Pendant with Funny Message Card - Ideal Squirrel Gift for Women, Squirrel Lovers, and Wildlife Enthusiasts

$17.97 $25.00
  • 🐿️ **Charming Squirrel Decor:** Elevate your style and embrace your love for squirrels with our 18K silver-plated squirrel necklace. This delightful squirrel, clutching a golden nut, is a perfect addition to your squirrel-themed decorations.
  • 🎁 **Perfect Squirrel Gift:** Share your love for these quirky creatures with our squirrel necklace. It's an ideal gift for squirrel lovers and wildlife enthusiasts who cherish the charm of these mini squirrels. A thoughtful gesture to remind them it's okay to be a little nuts.
  • 📿 **Squirrel Charms for Bracelets:** Our squirrel necklace isn't just for necklaces. It's versatile and can be used as a squirrel charm for bracelets, allowing you to add a touch of whimsy to your accessories.
  • 🛡️ **Quality Assured:** We stand behind the quality of our necklace. If it breaks within three years, we offer a free replacement. It's nickel-free and hypoallergenic, ensuring comfortable and safe wear.
  • 📏 **Customizable Length and Secure Clasp:** The necklace chain is adjustable from 18 to 14 inches, providing you with the perfect fit. The pendant measures 0.93 X 1 inches (23.7mm x 26mm) and features a secure lobster claw clasp.
  • 💌 **Whimsical Message Card:** Our necklace comes with a sturdy message card that reads, "It's Ok To Be A Little Nuts." This fun and lighthearted message serves as a daily reminder that embracing life's nuttiness can be a source of joy. Please note that all our jewelry designs are protected by copyright (Copyright of Caring Hands Gifts, LLC).

Many people express their love and passion through nature and animals. Get this gift for the person that loves squirrels. This simple pendant is for a girl that has a good sense of humor and relishes the joy nutty squirrels bring. Make someone feel special today with this finely crafted jewelry. This necklace is plated in 18k silver, but it is not suggested that you wear it in the bath or while working out. Cleaning; Just wipe with a soft cloth.